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Posted in Messaging by medgno 3181 days ago

This geeklet displays the most recent emails in your Mail.app inbox.  Next to unread messages, this places a magenta dot.  I've used ANSI escape codes to make the subject of each message bold.  If you want to change the number of messages, change the 'set numberOfEmails' line.

Geeklet files to download


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heppu 3182 days ago
I have three mailboxes. Now only the first desktop. How is everything?
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cottenwess 3151 days ago
script stopped running and i can't figure out how to get it back, any way to restart it?
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cycle4passion 3035 days ago
This failed for me if I had fewer emails than the SetNumberofEmails. I pieced together and in works in applescript editor, but not in geektool. Here's what I have...and hoping for some help.


tell application "Mail"

set theOutput to ""

repeat with msg in messages in inbox

if msg's read status is not true then

set theOutput to theOutput & "• "

set theSender to extract name from sender of msg

set theSubject to subject of msg

set theOutput to theOutput & theSender & " – " & theSubject & (ASCII character 10)

end if

end repeat

end tell

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scottr21 3025 days ago
Is it possible to change the color of the magenta dots for unread messages?
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thatguyagain 3001 days ago
It should be possible, though im having problems with my inbox. The colour seems to be changed on the 22nd line -

' "[31m-> " ' Is what i have - 31 is red, -> is ( ihope) an arrow pointing to my mail.

Numbers for colours are:

30 is black

31 is red

32 is green

33 is yellow

34 is blue

35 is magenta

36 is cyan

37 is white

39 is grey

Hope this helps,

That guy again.

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