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Posted in Internet by ari 1100 days ago

A combination of curl awk and sed that displays the quote of the day from quotedb.


Click image for bigger screenshot.


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ifuxusux 1097 days ago
Great Geeklet, but is there also one to show the author as you did in that picture?
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ari 1094 days ago
Sorry about that. Must have missed it in the original upload. Enjoy.
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johannsnyman 1093 days ago
Very nice, thanks!
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modulonatic 1082 days ago
Were can i download the wallpaper?

It looks verry nice
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ari 1074 days ago
The bg is a shot I took at Santa Monica in Feb. I added it above. Thank you for the interest!
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Freducken 958 days ago
Great work on this! I had a question, did you put the indentation into it, or is it that way automatically. If you did it, how can it be taken out. Thanks for the help
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ren7on 924 days ago
Hi! do you know how i can show accented characters? i made a script for italian quote of the day but with every outpot codemaker i use (UTF, UNicode, ascii) i cannot show accented signs!

thank you!
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kidpixo 855 days ago
Hi have the same problem (using 'Italian Quote of the day'). That's really weird: if i save the text in a file and create a geeklets with 'cat textfile' there is no problem, even using the same encoding...
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just_jeepin 331 days ago
It doesn't seem to work anymore.

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