Network Status by @nbrito

Posted in Internet by nbrito 2740 days ago

This Geeklet allows users to check the network status for:

  1. Ethernet connection (en0);
  2. Wireless connection (en1); and
  3. Personal Hotspot connection (iPhone - en2).

This is a simple script, which allows users to see whether the network interface is disconnected, has a IP address assigned and/or is unavailable, using the following shell script:

case `ifconfig enX | grep status | awk -F": " '{ print $2 }'` in
   active) echo `ifconfig enX | grep "inet" | grep -v | grep -v inet6 | awk '{print $2}'`;;
   inactive) echo "\033[1;31mDisconnected\033[0m";;
   *) echo "\033[1;31mUnavailable\033[0m";;

Hope this can increment your GeekTool experience!

Regards, Nelson Brito


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GYLLIWER 2676 days ago
Tell to me please, in what format the file is written down, and than its can be governed?
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mahclark 2631 days ago

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