Work in progresse, "how to" 's soon ...

Edit 27/02/2016 : version 2.0 : sun and moon phases

Geeklet files to download


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ejleon 1471 days ago
Any updates?
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mutter1978 1297 days ago
looks awesome, i can't wait to have it :) cheers.
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HarshReality 1295 days ago
Any updates.. this was hung some time ago. On reflection... Id say if he hasnt done anything after a year he isnt going to hang anything at all and should just stop talking about it. My 2cents
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TheOneAndOnly 1291 days ago
This looks like the satellite screen in James Bond Goldeneye for N64!!!

I NEED TO HAVE THIS. This is amazing
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arus 1114 days ago
Two areas of interest... actually totally interested!

1: The active night zone imagemagick script or scripts would be cool!

2: The modules for the SunAndMoon2.sh script.

source functions.sh

source variables.sh

Totally been looking for this and no other reference available, so would appreciate help to get these up and running.

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