New Version avaiable:

Gmail with Sender, Title and Count using Keychain 2016


New version 2015-10-15

Parts recoded for new Geektool and El Capitain

Original Version:

This is a modification of the following scripts:

Mail Count in Gmail Inbox (Using Keychain) by mosius -Here i used the keychain part << recode

Gmail Sender's E-mail over Subject line by indeeditis, which is already a modified script from << recode

Gmail Unread - Title and summary from ross314pi Here i added some optical and informational code. << recode I merged them to one.

There were two problems in the original scripts: The replacement for @ with %40 did not worked for me. I need to use the @ instead.

In the lines with the phrase "Google Service: Google Notifier" i have to replace this with "mail.google.com" to get access to the keychain.

BTW i added a line for the Server. Maybe useful for other mailprovider.


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bouffonbleu 1767 days ago
Many thanks for this
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Fluffich 1760 days ago
have fun
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jbello18 1526 days ago
can you make it into english? mine is in german for some reason.

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