This is a geeklet to display the Subject and summary of an unread email in your Google account. They come seperately if you want to only have the subject or summary.


I put a pipe in the middle with echo '|' and the unread count was already posted earlier by HCal.


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busyscott 2638 days ago
Confused on where to put my username and password?!
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ross314pi 2638 days ago
Sorry about that, not very clear. All you do is replace username@gmail with yours, either get rid of the @gmail part or add .com at the end. and replace Google-password with your password. Hope this helps.
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GladiatoRiley 2488 days ago
Doesn't work :( I replaced my user r*****@gmail.com:p*ssw*rd

and i made them 2 different glets?
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Night_Runner 2266 days ago
My problem was that I used the summary & subjects scripts, over 2 widgets, with no breaks between each line on each widget so I couldn't overlap them.

I managed to solve this by adding:

| perl -pi -w -e 's/\n/\n\n/g;'

To the end of each script, so for example one of them became:

curl -u myemailaddress@gmail.com:mypassword --silent "https://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom" | grep -a 'summary' | sed -e :a -e 's/]*>//g;/

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