Admittedly, this geeklet may have limited user base. I have a daily schedule published as a html file accessible only through a VPN connection. I wanted to have a copy of the schedule on my desktop as a geeklet. Even if you don't have VPN needs, it may be interesting to you for html page parsing needs.

The included applescript needs a little customization:

  1. You must change the name of your VPN to match what you use.
  2. Optionally, you can change the name of the saved textfile.

Basically this Applescript will... -- Tries to connect to VPN for 60 seconds & Download the html file -- If successful, then it clears html code, and cleans up remaining text before it saves it as a textfile.

** I wish I had some script-fu skills and would love someone to rewrite my slow applescript functions as shell command to parse/clean the page **

Next, start a new Shell Geeklet and enter:

cat ~/Documents/VPN Page.txt

Note this is an easy way to display a complete text file, and unlike using the file type alternative it doesn't get funky when reloaded (i.e. to works for things other than logs.)

Geeklet files to download


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