Daily Tao

Posted in Internet by alanc 2769 days ago

Prints out a random chapter from the Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation).

Play nice with curl as this is a third party's website. Set the refresh time to something reasonable.

Geeklet files to download


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matt 2769 days ago
It looks like you forgot to upload the geeklet file along with the image.
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alanc 2755 days ago
I are smart. Script added.
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shucer 2748 days ago
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mahclark 2628 days ago
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juntoatucandela 2571 days ago
If someone found the same problem: if the chapter number appears too high, just at the top, you can give it a line (or two, threee, ....) for breathing:


idx=$(awk 'BEGIN { srand(); print int(rand()*81) }')

chapter=$(expr $idx + 1)

echo "




curl -s "$filename$idx" | sed 's///g;'

Just click return+shift after: echo " , and $chapter" will drop down. So chapter number will take the line you wish.

And something I donĀ“t know how to do it: the script would be perfect if the container box would adapt to the text. Each chapter has different text, and sometimes the cointainer box is too large and other too short.

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