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I use this to scrape the current http://xkcd.com/ comic and invert the image and set the background to transparent. Then another geeklet randomly displays the collected images.

You will need the command line tools from ImageMagik http://www.imagemagick.org/ in order to do the image manipulations in in the script.

The script below can be copied into a text file and saved as image.sh somewhere. I use ~/Pictures/XKCD to hold both the images and the script (largely so I can find it later).


cd ~/Pictures/XKCD
curl -s --location http://xkcd.com/ | grep embedding | sed 's/Image URL (for hotlinking\/embedding): \(.*\)/\1/w temp'
TEMP=$(cat temp)
rm temp
/opt/local/bin/mogrify -type Grayscale +negate -transparent black "$TEMP"

This started out pulling the image from http://dynamic.xkcd.com/random/comic/ but changed to reduce traffic. To switch back, you can replace the link in the script with the dynamic one.

Geeklet files to download


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