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I recently wrote a small script to change the wallpaper as the time of day changes. anyways, the script checks the computer time, changes it to a 24hr type digit. then references a folder of images for a matching image name.

install instructions, make a folder in your home folder/ picture/ called wallpaper

save the scpt file there, and then find images you want to use for your backgrounds. rename them as (hours)--2.jpg

example noon ( 12:00 ) would be 12--2.jpg example 6pm (18:00) would be 18--2.jpg

and so on, you can make 24images if you want. improve on, modify, the script all you want. its very simple right now

you will need to do this for it to work. change the part of my script that has MY folder structure! and the path for the scpt file.

**** tip *****

I have mine setup this way.

I have my morning desktop 00--2.jpg 01--2.jpg 03--2.jpg Etc... (goes on till noon 12--2.jpg)

Those are all just duplicated images, it may not be the cleanest way of doing it, but I'm working on a better way.

So I have 3 images, just duplicated to "fill" the hours I want it to be shown.


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shucer 2889 days ago
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Igniculus 2886 days ago
This is a great idea!
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rorykane 2886 days ago
or use the image geeklet and set the directory to random
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pstarsr 2885 days ago
Or just use the osx wallpaper random. But that would be

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ohodoodee 2884 days ago
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sorcerer 2817 days ago
This is fantastic
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freshlesh3 2749 days ago
Nice Geeklet. Which weather geeklet did you use for your desktop.
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pstarsr 2676 days ago
yahoo weather geek let
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darshilvala 2484 days ago
I can't run it. Something's wrong with it. Here's what my script is like:

#### set theHour to hours of (current date)

tell application "Finder"

set desktop picture to POSIX file ("/Users/admin/Downloads/All day gklt/" & theHour & "07--2.jpg")

set desktop picture to POSIX file ("/Users/admin/Downloads/All day gklt/" & theHour & "14--2.jpg")

set desktop picture to POSIX file ("/Users/admin/Downloads/All day gklt/" & theHour & "21--2.jpg")

end tell

And this is the error:

#### error "Finder got an error: AppleEvent handler failed." number -10000
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pstarsr 2464 days ago
It looks like your script is confused by the hours. But could also be the spaces in the folder name, try not having spaces in the folder name.

And you have three image call scripts or is this just you repeating the same error? My script calls 1 image.

Sounds to me like you got a couple things crossed up in the setup. I still use ths geeklet everyday no problem

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