Serene Simplicity

Posted in Images by gardinermatt 2861 days ago

This is my minimalistic desktop.

Running Nocturne for Mac to get the black menu bar - items on the menu bar appear when your cursor touches it.

I am running Docker to customize my dock. It allows you to resize, add spaces, make it 3D/2D, etc.

I also use Hyperdock; an application that allows you to resize windows instantly to 1/2 the screen, the lower half, or full screen. It also gives you window previews from the dock.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Geeklet files to download


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SaettaMcQueen 2835 days ago

I'm sorry but I'm new in Geek's moods.

Can you tell me how have you done ro render the effect of the text of date & time hide behind the mountains? I'm mean, it seems to be like photoshop's layers, and the text is between the background and the mountains. How did you do that?

Thanks for any answer! :)
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SaettaMcQueen 2835 days ago
Sorry, I found my answer alone. I just need add an image, thank you in any case.

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