National Geographic publishes photo of the day. These are amazing pictures with the option to download as wallpapers.

This geeklet automates this process to get this setup everyday automatically.

You can clearly add on more things. I chose to keep it simple so that I can enjoy the images.


  1. create a folder to hold your files. > mkdir -pv ~/Pictures/NG_PoD/
  2. Create a text file in the directory, and rename to NG_PoD.sh, and paste the script in the text file attached. Make sure it is an executable chmod 755 NG_PoD.sh.

  3. create a shell geeklet, and point to the .sh file ~/Pictures/NG_PoD/NG_PoD.sh. Set refresh to every 21600-43200 seconds (6-12 hours). [Note: my desktop is 1440 by 900. You can adjust the image size downloaded within the .sh


  • Will work on different resolutions.
  • ignore temp files.
  • internet connection is necessary.
  • set your desktop image to a flat color so that the toolbar looks fine.
  • I would add text in white (as in the image) with some transparency, since each day is a surprise.


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StephenKingRocks100 1814 days ago
very cool!
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geo 1689 days ago
Thank you...

If you have a dual monitor, for the second one point it to the NG_PoD folder and set it to "change picture everyday". Since there is only one picture in that folder, it will keep both screens up to date with the picture.

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