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This is a screen shot of my desktop.

The weather is scraped from Yahoo, the weather code is then stored in a variable. If the weather code matches a certain condition, I copy / overwrite a /tmp/weathericon.png file. I then use an image geeklet to pull this image every 30 minutes.


The icons I used are called Meteocons via Alessio Atzeni.

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I have Zipped all the geeklets and shell scripts I am using for my setup and changed the extension to .glet so it can be uploaded here. Simply change the extension to .zip and unzip the contents. Enjoy.


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bdeihc 2254 days ago

This is great. I am a little new to this. Could you explain in more detail?


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danieldbird 2228 days ago
Hey brother,

I basically use geektool to execute the shell scripts I have written. I separate the shell scripts so they are updated at different intervals, because I don't want every script to be updated every second. IE: I dont mind me in / out connection speed updating every second, but I wouldn't want my weather or other slow changing info to change that frequently. Weather is taken from Yahoo. Info on bash scripting is all over the net. You can just use my scripts if you don't want to learn. Hope it helps. All the best.
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daklang 2239 days ago
There is no script available. Is this by mistake?
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danieldbird 2228 days ago
Hey, I just zipped all my scripts and uploaded them for you. Sorry, I was just sharing my geeklet setup here originally, I didn't think people would want the scripts. Glad to know people like it. Enjoy.

Download the .glet file and change the exstension to .zip, then unzip and use as per normal.

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CrazedLeper 2239 days ago
I noticed that you have sunrise/sunset g'lets. I used to have those but the got broken when Yahoo changed something. Is this a new image or do you have sunrise/sunset geeklets that work, again? If so, please post. Thx.
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sporkstorms 2234 days ago
I don't have complete glets you can use, but here are scripts for sunrise and sunset.

Go to weather.yahoo.com, search for weather in your locale, then view the page source in your browser. Search for "woeid" to find your numeric ID value, then change the w=[numbers] parameter in both the scripts below.


WEATHER=`curl --silent -i "http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=2379574&u=f"`;

time=$(echo "$WEATHER" | grep 'yweather:astronomy' | head -1 | tail -1 | perl -pe 's/.*sunrise="([^"]+)".*/$1/');

echo $time;


WEATHER=`curl --silent -i "http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=2379574&u=f"`;

time=$(echo "$WEATHER" | grep 'yweather:astronomy' | head -1 | tail -1 | perl -pe 's/.*sunset="([^"]+)".*/$1/');

echo $time;
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danieldbird 2228 days ago
Hey there, my scripts still work. If they ever didn't work because yahoo change a field name it would be pretty simple to fix it again. Im scraping the info from Yahoo. As I said above I uploaded all the scripts, so you can get the sunrise sunset script in there too. It's in the "WeatherDetails.sh" file. All the best.
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SouthpawBK 2163 days ago

I'm admittedly new to GeekTool, so maybe I'm missing something obvious, but none of the weather scripts are working for me. The Geeklets show no information at all. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

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geekyfrog 1921 days ago
When I try and use your 1h.sh script for local ip, external ip, uptime info, I get a correct external ip and uptime but for local ip I get "options=1"

Do you know what's wrong? Thanks for your work.
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willo7734 1895 days ago
@geekyfrog it appears that OSX changed something in the output of ifconfig at some point so tail picks up the wrong line. Just change the 'tail -3' to 'tail -4' and you'll get the local IP.

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