Minimal Aurora

Posted in Images by gardinermatt 2853 days ago

This image was taken from the Astronomy Picture of the Day archive, which has a picture for every day dating back to 1995. Many great wallpapers can be found in the archive as well as a lot of interesting stuff.

Wallpaper is included in links below.

As for my desktop, I am using the basic geek lets here alongside some awesome applications:

I am running Nocturne to get the black menu bar - items on the menu bar only appear when your cursor makes contact with it.

I am running Docker to customize my dock. It allows you to resize, add spaces, make it 3D/2D, etc.

I also use Hyperdock; an application that allows you to resize windows instantly to 1/2 the screen (left or right), the lower half, or full screen. It also gives you window previews from the dock.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Geeklet files to download


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