Tribute to the 6-string.

Posted in Collections by CrazedLeper 2796 days ago

Lots of geeklets over a black guitar wallpaper.

There are some great geeklets that display the current iTunes song but this isn't one of them. I'm using Bowtie, instead, because it's actually a functioning widget.

the Calendar is actually two calendars, one overlaid over the other. One calendar displays the month and year while the other leaves a blank for the current day and the other highlights the current day.

to the right of the date, I employed the iCal geeklet. You'd need to find and install ical buddy (not permitted to attach a zip file).


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the_GT_MANN_23 2792 days ago
nice job. what website did you get the wallpapers off of?
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CrazedLeper 2791 days ago
I get wallpapers all over the place. I included one but something went wrong with the page and it wouldn't accept the other. Sorry. Just google "HD Wallpapers" or "HD Wallpapers Mac". You should be able to find it without too much trouble.

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