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My first setup of a Geeklet screen.

I'm sorry to say it's mostly in Dutch but for those who want to it's fairly easy to translate it yourself.

The background is based on Apple's "Think Different" campaign back in 1997. One of my favorites and I tend to act like the slogan says.

In the upper-left corner you see the date. The most simple geeklet you can imagine.

Below the date you can see weather details. To get these, I put them together as a collection. Please take care: for the weather text and temperature you have to subscribe at Weather Underground to get free access to their api. The icon comes from Accuweather. The file you download is a zip-file.

Below the weatherdetails there's a Dutch fuzzy wordclock. After fiddling around with several versions from different sources I made this one myself. Everything is written in Dutch but it's fairly simple to translate it. This file is a zip-file.

The calender on the right is fairly simple, nothing really to it.

In the lower-right corner you'll find network (wifi) details like SSID you are logged into and IP-adres of that connection. Not really difficult but sometimes comes in handy.

Below the networkdetails you'll see a batterymeter. The script itself was fairly simple to write, it took more time to make the gauge like this. Take care: the file you download is a zip-file!

Be free to download these and try them yourself!


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Frank 1236 days ago
Hi Mikey,

for the calendar you can use the following command instead:

cal_head=`cal | head -1`; cal_tail=`cal | tail -7`; today=`date "+%e"`; echo "$cal_head"; echo "${cal_tail/${today}/\033[1;31m${today}\033[0m}"

This gives the current day a red colour.

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MikeyV40 1225 days ago
Thnx, Frank! Looks good on the Think Different background but on my other background on my second screen it's hardly visible.
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Frank 1214 days ago
If you want another foreground colour, you can change the number 31 to another number.

These colours are possible:

30 Black

31 Red

32 Green

33 Yellow

34 Blue

35 Magenta

36 Cyan

37 White

You can also use another background colour to make the day number stand out more, these numbers are:

Background colors

40 Black

41 Red

42 Green

43 Yellow

44 Blue

45 Magenta

46 Cyan

47 White

If you want a yellow day number with a red background the command should be:

cal_head=`cal | head -1`; cal_tail=`cal | tail -7`; today=`date "+%e"`; echo "$cal_head"; echo "${cal_tail/${today}/\033[1;33;41m${today}\033[0m}"

These codes are called ANSI Escape sequences and are supported by OS X.

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