Originally featured by Lifehacker in July 2016.

I love Rainmeter and having moved to OS X full-time (at home) several months ago, I find I really miss it. In the meantime, I discovered Momentum, a “new tab” Chrome-extension that I quite like. Eventually these two things inspired this Geektool desktop.

For the first screenshot:

  • Wallpaper from Interfacelift

  • Left: “Three Things” reads from a text file (shell geeklet: cat /path/to/filename.txt)

  • Left: “Now Playing” is Bowtie with the Karma theme (works fairly well with Spotify + last.fm)

  • Center: Time (simple Date command: date +”%l:%M”)

  • Center: Greeting using a simple shell script found via Google

  • Center: Date (simple Date command: date “+%A, %B %e”)

  • Center: Today reads from a text file (or you could just as easily use “echo” twice in a shell geeklet)

  • Center: Parsed RSS feed (hosted on dropbox.com) from QuotesDaddy.com

  • Right: Weather geeklet by RikerJoe (thanks for this!)

Updated (second screenshot):

  • Wallpaper from 500px.com

  • Replaced Bowtie App with Simplify, using the Essence 1.2 jacket.

  • Replaced weather geeklet with HTML geeklet and darksky.net embed code. This is pretty slick because it's responsive; you can resize it just to show the current conditions and not the forecast.


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HarshReality 961 days ago
So, where are the glet files please?
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darcilicious 905 days ago
The instructions for creating each geeklet are listed above and use one of the basic geeklet types. Because they are so heavily personalized, it doesn't make any sense for me to upload mine -- you would just have to go in customize them for your use in any case.

Hope that helps!
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darcilicious 905 days ago
(comment deleted)
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valiant66 757 days ago
Thanks for the darksky embed code. That's really cool!
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pkdesign 757 days ago
How do you get the darksky weather widget to appear white?
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samcrawf 756 days ago

Could you provide me with a bit of help fore the weather Geeklet? How do we take the html code and insert it?
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bylly122001 742 days ago
you cant share the code this website doesn't allow it !
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leoares 715 days ago
How do you change the embedded darksky code font color? I've tried several scripts already but none are working.
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darcilicious 695 days ago
Hi all, I could have sworn that I had previously commented on how to change the font color of the darksky embed code but I don't see it so here it is again:

Just add "text-color=white" before or after the "font=" argument:

id="forecast_embed" frameborder="0" height="245" width="100%"

src="http://forecast.io/embed/#lat=45.5198&lon=-123.1106&name=Forest Grove&color=white&font=Helvetica Neue&units=us"

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