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I've made a Dubstep Theme since this one if you care to look.

Thought I would share my desktop and links to the scripts in one localized area since I've had a lot of people ask on other sites that they want this setup on their computer.

Below is what you'll be creating. Image Name


  1. Download and insert the background .jpg. You'll want this added first so everything lays on top.

  2. Insert all the geeklets and position as you wish.

  3. Download and insert the .png. You'll add this last so it will overlay on the other geeklets. (Hint - you can aways change the layering of your geeklets by right-clicking on them and choosing send back/forward)


I got all of my geeklets from this site so the links to the different scripts are below. I attached the scripts for download only to make it easy for you to simply open the .glet so all the formatting is ready to go.

There are two geeklets that require additional steps in getting them running. One is the iTunes Current Song which you'll need to go to the link above and download the file that will need to be placed somewhere on your computer so the geeklet can access it.

The other is the GtWthr geeklet which you'll need to go to http://www.gtwthr.com and put in your zip code to get the code you need to change the script so it will show you your areas weather instead of mine.

That's It

If you need any help setting them up just leave your questions in the comments.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

I also have another theme on here you may want to check out HERE.


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Godzdude 2907 days ago
Ok, so I did this, but I'm having trouble with the weather. It will show me the weather, but, if my computer goes to sleep, it will show up as "" instead of the temp. Any solutions?

Edit: Here is an example of what I was talking about: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/screenshot20110907at110.png/

Also, what font did you use for your current Temp?
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Geekism 2904 days ago
Geeklets pertaining to weather only fetch the weather image, not temperature, conditions or any other weather information (regardless of city code used):

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gradientShift 2902 days ago

Make sure it isn't refreshing any less than 3600s. The weather doesn't update any less than an hour anyway. This actually did this to me a couple times as well and it was on the server end. Try opening up Geektool and click refresh all, this should update it. If all of the weather Geektlets changed to tags then it's definitely on the server. If not and it's still showing the tag then I would delete it and install it again.

Hope this helps.
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gradientShift 2902 days ago
> Geekism

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say *"Geeklets pertaining to weather only show an image".* This is not true if you use GtWthr scripts and add in your geoCode. Let me know if I read you reply wrong.
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Geekism 2893 days ago
Edit: actually, I can't get weather from either GtWthr or Yahoo. Could anyone please advice? Thanks!

From an earlier attempt at GeekTools, GtWthr blocked me, so, my bad :)
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gradientShift 2887 days ago
Did you ever get this fixed or find out what went wrong?
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Nonino 2901 days ago
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bmorgan 2896 days ago
Thanks for the tutorial. I like it a lot. I made a variation of it. What do you think?

![Image Name](http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac54/bmorgan69/geektools/ScreenShot2011-09-18at42822PM.png)

This inspired me to do a couple others...... note: the wallpapers are a couple that I found on the internet a long time ago. I do not take credit for those.

![Image Name](http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac54/bmorgan69/geektools/ScreenShot2011-09-18at124149PM.png)

![Image Name](http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac54/bmorgan69/geektools/ScreenShot2011-09-18at124858PM.png)
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gradientShift 2895 days ago
Very cool, love the water droplets you added to it.
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jameswww 2883 days ago
Does this work on LION ?

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gradientShift 2846 days ago
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nikoprotic 2878 days ago
my calender isn't showing the current date, any suggestions?
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gradientShift 2846 days ago
If you're using the one I supplied I took at the show current date because I didn't really need it. Please refer to this [link](http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/productivity/simple-calendar-of-the-current-month-colored-current-day-1/) to get the color back.
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bravosierra 2315 days ago
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Satya1 2074 days ago
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roadglide03 1969 days ago
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navinkc5 1954 days ago
Simple, classy, elegant.
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XxGeekToolxX 1927 days ago
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gradientShift 1884 days ago
The quote is not a script, its just a text box.
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darkthemes 1452 days ago
wanna see my jarvis search jarvis and the second one the new one will be there

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