Yet another Simple Desktop. This time I have Used an HTC Clock template idea.

1st open the HTC Clock png file, position it (send it back), then follow the steps below:

Time and Date

open the Date and Hour geeklets and position it on Desktop


  1. Open the Weather Conditions geeklet, position it.

  2. Open the Temperature geeklet, change the yahoo weather code and position it as well.

  3. Open Weather Forecast geeklet, change the zip code and position. *you can change the forecast for a specific day. in the script '-A 2' to 2-5 for the number amount of days after today.

For example: Today is Friday. A 2 would do Friday and Saturday. A 3 would do Saturday and Sunday ect. You can experiment with this. If you can't figure it out, ask away.

  1. For the weather icon, i used: http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/yahoo-weather-image-/


for the Location (Lexington) use a simple script: echo YOURLOCATIONHERE

2 Bubble- Style Wallpapers available to pick.


In v 3.2 added a weather forecast geeklet and repositioned a few geeklets.

In v 3.1 I got rid of the Bowtie Theme and made dock transparent.

Other Anouncements:

go check out -cj81499- he has a pretty cool Desktop : ) and I used his weather forecast geeklet.

Can i get to 10 likes?

Other feedback is much appreciated.


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ecma104 1953 days ago
What else should i add (Geeklets, Scripts ect.) that would go along with this Desktop?
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-cj81499- 1950 days ago
:) Thanks for the credit
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-cj81499- 1949 days ago
Just so you know, I changed the script for the current weather and forecast and it may work better with your setup. What your are using works, but the new one is better (In my opinion).
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ecma104 1949 days ago
post the changes?
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-cj81499- 1949 days ago
It's the weather scripts. Check them out.

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