Simple Desktop v 2.0

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Simple Desktop v 2.0

Like I promised: Simple Desktop v 2.0

Simply download everything and follow the steps below

Time and Date:

  1. Open the Time Date.png file and right click on the geeklet (Desktop) and send to back.

  2. Open all Time and Date related files and position like in the screenshot.


  1. Open the Weather.png file and right click send to back.

  2. I used Yahoo Weather icons on this Website:


then i used the flat_black icon set.


just open the geeklet and position it.

I used Curl Lion Bowtie theme in the left corner.

Wallpaper from Simple Desktop v 1.0


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bluespider 1968 days ago
Very nice work, thank you for sharing! I started using your v1 setup and like it a lot. I think the colors of the weather icons go nicely with the wallpaper, then add in flavors with the Dulcet G theme for the dark grey look... :-)
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Joebardo 1963 days ago
Really nice job! Its looks great!
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ecma104 1960 days ago
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StephenKingRocks100 1722 days ago
I love this one, i got started with this one

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