Simple Desktop DJ HUD

Posted in Collections by ThaRev 2809 days ago

This includes several scripts modified slightly, also includes my personal re-mixed LeopardDocks themes.

Geeklets are as follows:

-Basic Time with AM/PM inclusion. date "+%I:%M %p"

-Weather (found on this site.)

-Battery indicator Image Script (found on this site)

-Battery Indicator Text (included)

-HDD Usage Indicator (Found on this site) (included)

-CPU/Memory Usage. Modified to dis-include HDD usage and then split to look better. (included)

-Internal HDD Usage Meter {Derived from the first HDD Usage Meter.glet, use disk utility to find the disk name of your External HDD that is similar to the one in the glet script then add the geeklet again and voila you have a external HDD meter, name it whatever you want.}

I made this Geeklet collection remaking the scripts slightly and redoing parts. Its not complete, but thats the version i want to release for all of you to complete in your own way. I have not included the leopard docks themes i made. but you can download them from LeopardDocks.com and search my username ThaReverand.

Feel free to checkout our music on our site: http://numerous-silhouettes.com


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glgray 2808 days ago
Please comment with a link to how you got that cool looking weather info.

Thank you.
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crzn22 2806 days ago
Look here ...


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