Sands Of Time - Extended

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An extended editor on the April '11 Geektool Desktop by europevagabond.


  • Date
  • Time (with seconds)
  • Weather
  • System Info
  • Email
  • Quote Of The Day (Brainyquote)
  • Disk Capacity Meter
  • Battery Percentage + status
  • Uptime.


-- Set up

  1. Save the SandsOfTime folder in the desired location.
  2. Set border_dune_desktop.jpg as your desktop wallpaper.
  3. Launch date and time geeklets (if you wish to use these). [day, month, time, seconds]
  4. Launch the Sand Overlay geeklet.
  5. Launch the other geeklets you wish to use.
  6. For iTunes info, install Bowtie and use the Neon theme.


Sand Overlay:

  1. Edit the Sand Overlay geeklet by clicking set local path and browsing to the SandOfTime folder. Select the Sand.png image.

Battery Icon:

  1. Edit the Battery Icon geeklet by clicking set local path and browsing to the SandOfTime folder. Select the Battery.png image.


  1. For the weather image, go to yahoo weather and enter the desired city or zip code, and copy the entire url.
  2. Edit the Weather Image Script geeklet and replace the filled in url with the url you just copied.
  3. For the weather info, go to http://edg3.co.uk/snippets/weather-location-codes/ and find your location code/ID
  4. Copy your location ID and edit the Weather Info geeklet by replacing the location ID in the url: curl --silent "http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=LOCATION_ID&u=c" | grep -E '(Current Conditions:|C<BR)' | tail -n1 | sed -e 's/<BR \/>//' -e 's/ C$/˚C/'
  5. You can also change the unit to fahrenheit by setting "&u=c" in the url to "&u=f", and the "˚C" to "˚F" at the end of the script.

Disk Capacity Meter:

  1. Edit the Disk Capacity Image geeklet by clicking set local path and browsing to the SandOfTime/DiskCapacityMeter folder. Select the temp.png image.
  2. Browse to SandOfTime/DiskCapacityMeter and edit DCM.scpt, set the PathName to the correct path of the script.
  3. Click compile and save the file.
  4. Edit the Disk Capacity Script geeklet by setting the correct path for the DCM.scpt


  1. Edit the Email geeklet by setting the configuration settings as desired. More info about that on http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/messaging/enhanced-mail-app-email-list/


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alex_sherwen101 2522 days ago
I've encountered a problem with the DCM.scpt. When I gets to: *set usedSpace to (do shell script "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(/%/, \"\");print $5}'") as integer* I've done where I replace the "%" to the "" So it now becomes: *set usedSpace to (do shell script "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(" / "/, \"\");print $5}'") as integer*

**BUT** when I try to run the script, there's a popup which says: *Can’t make "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(" into type real.*

I was wondering what I was doing wrong
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Gh0stRyd3r 2452 days ago
This works for me to get the HDD % used to show. THe issue was in the original script left alone the ending do shell script was to change the .png and that resulted in "" empty result that the Batt Capacity Scrip.glet needed.

This is a re-build of the original script but does the same trick.

'set x to (do shell script "df -hl |grep 'disk0s2' |awk '{print $5}'") as string

set usedSpace to (do shell script "echo " & x & "|sed 's/%/ /g'") as integer

-- Getting the rounded number

set theNumber to (round (usedSpace))

-- Replacing the image

do shell script ("cp " & pathName & "/img/" & theNumber & ".png " & pathName & "/temp.png")

do shell script ("echo ' " & x & "

HDD '")'
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napes65 2428 days ago
I have a problem with the Weather Info.glet. The current conditions and temp display fine in Celsius but when I change the "u=c" to "u=f" to give me the temp in fahrenheit the display fails and only shows: Current Conditions:

Any ideas?
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YourFloorIsLava 2422 days ago
When I load Battery Status.glet, it shows only the number, but no percent symbol. How can I fix this?
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NilsyNils 2352 days ago
Fantastic geeklet. I'm rubbish at Shell Commands and Unix but this was easy to install and makes for one cool desktop. Thank you!
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th3ax1s 2254 days ago
I'd like to display the weather (and weather icons) for two different locations.

Is that possible? When I try it, the two icons on my desktop always match, it's not really pulling weather from two different places.

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