The Original Momentum Inspired Desktop was featured by Lifehacker in July 2016. That version is posted here.

This is the new improved version with Reminders integration and accompanying geeklets!

  • Wallpaper is A Desert Storm from Interfacelift
  • LEFT: Reminders will only work for items with a reminder date and time set! They are in two parts each for Today and Tomorrow:
    • Label "Today" (Shell Geeklet with: echo "Today:")
    • Output from Apple Script: RemindersToday.scpt
    • Label "Tomorrow" (Shell Geeklet with: echo: "Tomorrow:")
    • Output from Apple Script: RemindersTomorrow.scpt

Download each script and put in your Geeklets directory. Then create a Shell Geeklet with this: osascript pathto/your/geeklets/RemindersToday.scpt

Create a second Shell Geeklet: osascript pathto/your/geeklets/RemindersTomorrow.scpt

Note: These scripts relatively intensive because they are sorting through ALL your Reminder lists , and then sorting anything “due” today by time and anything “due” tomorrow by time.

You will NEED to set the timeout to 30s for each script; additionally, I would recommend limiting your refresh values to 150s or longer for the first (two and a half minutes) and 300s or longer for the second (five minutes).

Please do NOT ask me for help with debugging or modifying further; these are pretty specific to my use case so use as-is.

  • LEFT: Simplify, using the Essence 1.2 jacket.
  • CENTER: Time (Shell Geeklet with a simple Date command: date +”%l:%M”)
  • CENTER: Greeting using a simple shell script found via Google
  • CENTER: Date (Shell Geeklet with a simple Date command: date “+%A, %B %e”)
  • CENTER: Today's Quote from BrainyQuote, use the javascript version in an HTML Geeklet
    • RIGHT: Weather is done with an HTML geeklet and darksky.net embed code.
    • You will need to follow the directions to use your location coordinates (longitude and latitude); you can further customize the output by adding the following to change the font:

&color=white&font=Helvetica Neue

for example:

id="forecast_embed" frameborder="0" height="245" width="100%" src="http://forecast.io/embed/#lat=45.5198&lon=-123.1106&name=Forest Grove&color=white&font=Helvetica Neue&units=us"

This code is pretty slick because it's responsive; you can resize it so that it just shows the current conditions and not the forecast if you like.


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