Molecular Harmony Desktop

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My version of the molecular desktop, but this time made with CS4, Geektool, and OS x 10.7. I made the molecule images in photoshop and used the image feature of geektool to display them on my desktop. Bonus points if you can shout out what molecules they are.

Wallpaper from ThePaperWall - http://thepaperwall.com/wallpaper.php?view=29965809b99f88ead6910

Fonts on the desktop are either Andale Mono or Courier or Quaver Sans


-Dock icons are my own - plain text icons. Font I used is Quaver Sans - d/l from http://losttype.com/browse/

-Folder and Trash Icons (you can see the folder icons in the stack on my dock) made by myself in photoshop - inspired by the the molecules


-MardWatch Clock - http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/mardwatch-no-waste/ --replaced his dial with a custom made image to fit with the wallpaper

-iTunes Song Meter - http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/music/itunesgeeklet-/ --also replaced his dial with a custom dial that becomes transparent the bar as the song progresses.

-Current Weather - started out as someone else's code, but it wasn't cutting it so i basically redid it myself. Uses weather underground's API functionality. I can provide the commands if people want.

-ToDo list - just a file called ToDo.txt that I have set to display on my dekstop.

-System Info Graphs - http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/system-info-circular-graphics/

Menu Bar (left to right):


-Quicksilver - app launcher / hot key support

-Nexttab - adds multi touch gesture to trackpad where I can tap to move to the next tab in my browser



-Splashtop Streamer- allows me to use my iphone as a remote for my MBP when its hooked up to the TV

-Nocturne - to turn the menu bar black. Also allows you to set up a nighttime viewing mode.




Any questions dont hesitate to ask


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LightsAurora 2059 days ago
could you add a screenshot of your desktop so we can see what you worked so hard on? and the wallpaper link comes up with a broken pic.
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ericksonstudio 1985 days ago
⬆ what he said.
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Monophonic 1983 days ago
also the system info graphs link is broken
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Alina111 1302 days ago
Today I've changed the wallpaper at my desktop! it's wonderful! I downloaded it at http://www.favewallpapers.com/aircraft
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Nina 192 days ago
I don't usually bookmark sites I like but this one will surely come in handy! Really great posts and tips! So you totally deserve to be the second one in my bookmarks after college paper writing services (yes, I am geek student :)). Thanks a lot!

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