New Desktop!

This one features:

-Calendar (Vertical, Shows Current Date)

-Date (Day, Month, Week, and Year)

-Time (Hour, Minute, and Second 12 hour)

-Weather (Fahrenheit)

-Weather Forecast

-Weather Image

-Music (Bowtie, Boptie Theme)

-Music (Spotify music info)

-Alfred (ModernGlassware by Viztor theme)

-Wallpaper (2 differnt blurred wallpapers download below)


  1. Download wallpaper (Wave or Galaxy Blur below) and "set as desktop background"

  2. Download geeklet files and open them.

  3. Set up and position.


  1. open and position

  2. Get your weather code from Yahooweather.com URL (Numbers ex: 2438841).

  3. paste your code where it says "WEATHERCODE" in the geeklet.

Weather Forecast and Image: Get Better Instructions Here

  1. Download weather forecast geeklet and weather image geelet below.

  2. Go to https://uk.weather.yahoo.com/ and search for your location.

  3. Copy URL and paste under yahoourl in script. also copy 8 number code after URL to Location in script. 1st line F fahrenheit and C for Celsius.

4.Weather image: open weather image geeklet and set path to documents folder. There should be an image now.

  1. Set 83% opacity for transparent effect.

  2. If you don't want the weather forecast, just set the geeklet to 0% opacity under color.

*note: The weather forecast is necessary for the weather image.

Other Features:

  • cDock used to "get rid" of dock.

  • Litecon to change icons to blurred icons from: Here Here and Here

  • Bowtie for the song title, author, and album (for use with iTunes)

  • Spotify Music info Geeklet (for use with Spotify)

  • Alfred v2 ModernGlassware by Viztor theme. Note: you must have purchased a power pack to use themes

Finally all credit goes to: elviskasonlin check out his desktop Here



  • Included Alfred v2

  • Included 2 blurred wallpapers

  • Other minor fixes


  • Added a Spotify geeklet that shows song info


  • Weather icon

  • Weather Forcast

If you have any questions ask in the comments!


User Avatar
XxGeekToolxX 1805 days ago
beuty dock :P how do i get!?
User Avatar
ecma104 1803 days ago
get cdock and set to transparent
User Avatar
ecma104 1802 days ago
also get the icons
User Avatar
Jakattak07 1805 days ago
Where did you get the icons? They are Sicke Breh!?!?!?
User Avatar
ecma104 1803 days ago
check the post and there in there (Here link)
User Avatar
rowleyben 1774 days ago
For the weather description, does anyone know how to make it say the temperature in celsius?
User Avatar
jynxx 1769 days ago
change the "C" in line three of the weather forecast geek let to "F". i use text edit then save and reopen
User Avatar
jynxx 1769 days ago
still can not figure out how to get the weather icon to show up. should i be pointing it to the forecast geek let? or is there a set of icons i need in a folder to point it to??
User Avatar
ecma104 1768 days ago
yea everyone, the weather image geeklet is no longer working. sorry for any inconveniences.
User Avatar
ozziebigt 1427 days ago
The weather image geeklet is working again. Just remember to change file://localhost/Users//Documents/

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