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Ok so wallpapers change every 5 sec. The beautiful ladies rotate in and out. (in future the smaller ones will shift as they rotate) As well as the fish moves falling into the water and a splash on wallpaper at #12. Here is #1-4. Facebook and Twitter scripts are not currently working. Weather icon changes depending on the weather. (all pictures of LA,CA + weather condition). Stocks. with a banner on bottom for fade. same with mail.

I'm not done yet. I've just got an idea for something else so i'll release psd via deviantart for those curious.


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jspence77 2160 days ago
whats your deviantart?
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TylerAllen86 2159 days ago


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BigBadBobD 2157 days ago
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nawafsalamah 2145 days ago
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TylerAllen86 2137 days ago
Thank you everyone who liked. I will work on this again shortly. I'm currently part of the elder scrolls online mac beta testers and well the game is so amazing its taking all my time outside of work/school. so... bare with me i'll update it in the future with modified scripts and youtube video for the cal. Thanks again!
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XxGeekToolxX 2136 days ago
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TylerAllen86 2132 days ago
If you mean on this geeklet site its the arrows up down next to name of theme. If you mean me personally politically...Well i'm a liberal who would classify myself as a libertarian.
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keyelle 2123 days ago

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