I added some AppleScripts that returns the infos of the current Track. Title,Artist, and Album will be seperated in a AppleScript for each. And i've added a Script that saves the Artwork of the current Song played in iTunes (Left bottom)

I have also made an AppleScript that returns the number of unread E-Mails. (Right bottom)

and i have added a AppleScript that shows you the Sender and the Subject of all unread E-Mails. (not on Picture)

Feel free to customize the scripts, and let me know what you've added.

How to add the Scipts:

  1. Create the folder 'GeekScripts' into your HOME Directory
  2. Save the '.scpt' files into the created folder
  3. Add shell Geeklet 4.Add 'osascript /Users/YOURHOMEDIR/GeekScripts/SCRIPTNAME.scpt ' to the command line
  4. Customize your Style
  5. Repeat from step 3 for other Scripts

  6. Enjoy :-)

Artwork Geektlet:

  1. Create a transparent Picture named "default.png" save it somewhere in your Homefolder 2.Change 'set myPath to ((path to home folder) as text) & "Geektool:"' in the script to the folder where you saved the "default.png"
  2. add Script as Geeklet
  3. Start iTunes and play a song
  4. Check folder where default.png is. You will see a "iTunes.png". Add this Pic as Geeklet
  5. Now you have the current Artwork of the Song playing in iTunes


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Jwoof 2261 days ago
haha nice!

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rprebel 2261 days ago
Why create Applescripts when Geektool can do this itself? Here are two example scripts I have close at hand; there are many others I've seen both here and at macrumors. It looks great, I just don't understand why it's necessary to use Applescript. Maybe I'm just missing something. If so, then my apologies. Also, I'm not sure why it's double spacing the scripts and I can't get it to single space. So, sorry for the mile long comment. :)

iTunes #1


if ps x | grep iTunes | grep -q -v grep; then

osascript -e 'tell application "iTunes"

set trackname to name of current track

set artistname to artist of current track

set albumname to album of current track

if albumname is null then

set albumshow to " "

else if albumname is "" then

set albumshow to " "


set albumshow to "" & albumname & ""

end if

set trackduration to duration of current track

set trackposition to player position

set elapsed to round (trackposition / trackduration * 100)

set myRating to round ((rating of current track) / 20)

if myRating is 1 then

set myRating to "* "

else if myRating is 2 then

set myRating to "** "

else if myRating is 3 then

set myRating to "*** "

else if myRating is 4 then

set myRating to "**** "

else if myRating is 5 then

set myRating to "***** "


set myRating to ""

end if

set myRating to myRating

set output to "" & trackname & "\n" & artistname & "\n" & albumshow & "\n" &


end tell'


iTunes #2

#! /bin/bash

osascript -e 'tell application "iTunes" to if player state is playing then "Now Playing: " & name of current track & " - " & artist of current track'

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