Ferrari Themed Desktop

Posted in Collections by roadglide03 1969 days ago

This is based on this Dubstep Theme: http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/collections/dubstep-theme/

I changed and added multiple geeklets some of which can be found through out this site. Some of the geeklets you will need to modify with your local information i.e. weather, remote, camera, geeklets.

You can grab the geeklet tar file here and it will contain all geeklets and scripts or most are below:


Also for the cal_appts.glet you will need to install icalbuddy

email count script:

email=`/Users/user_name/Geektool/UnreadMail.scpt|wc -l|tr -d [[:space:]]`

if [ $email > 0 ];then
    echo "You have Email"
        echo "No Email"


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