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I've made another theme since my last one awhile ago which was the Son of Man theme.

This one still uses some of the same geeklets as my last and also some new ones. One thing I didn't do last time was take use of dual monitors. Which in this theme I have geeklets on both. Below is what I've come up with, let me know what you think in the comments or how to make it better.

Main Monitor

Here is my secondary monitor.

Second Monitor


I've now added all the geeklets I used in this template except for the weather which you can find it here.

Breakdown of Geeklets

First I should tell you that this my screenshots are based on an iMac at a resolution of 1920x1080 and the secondary monitor is at 1440x900.


I've added links in this copy to download the PSD files so you can customize it to your resolution size. It's a zip file with both files in it.

PSD Files can be found HERE.

Top Bar Main Screen

You may have to play around with the background to the black bar at the top to get it to come under your menu bar.

Bottom Bar Main Screen

Again you may have to play with the black bar and the keyboard, trackpad and mouse icons to get them were you need them. It took me about five tries to get it were I wanted them.

All the geeklets used in the bottom bar and top bar are listed below except for the weather. To get the iTunes now playing information and album artwork click here.

Secondary Screen

For the circular icons I used the geeklet on this site which you can find the tutorial information here. Make sure you install the font or all you will see is letters in your shell.

Just make sure to you change the name of your hard drives in the script or it may not work.

To find out the names of your attached hard drives. Open up Terminal and type in this command "df". This will give you a list of all attached drives and their names. The names will be something like "disk1s5".

That's It

Let me know if you have any questions.


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luxuriouspunk 2746 days ago
How did you get the circular meters on your second screen? Those are awesome!
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gradientShift 2746 days ago
I've updated this listing, please look above for information you may be seeking.
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thalion143 2746 days ago
Very well done. I would like to know some more about the circular meters as well. And, everything else.
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StrikeR 2745 days ago
Excellent job you have there, but as I have opened the circular meters, they were larger then the background's circular meters, how do I fix this?
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pissbot 2745 days ago
Change the size of the font until it fits the "background Circle"
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pissbot 2745 days ago
How do you get the script for your I-tune storage ?
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gradientShift 2745 days ago
I have one of my external hard drives partitioned and I only use one of the partitions for the iTunes Media Folder since I have 350GB of music. Seems like a lot of music but what can I say, I love music.
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Combine 2744 days ago
How do you change the hard drive percent left to tell the amount from a different hard drive?
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gradientShift 2744 days ago
Open up Terminal and type in "df".

This will give you a list of hard drives you have attached and the names of them. The disk names should be something like "disk1s5" and so on.

Just change the name of the drive to the one you want to show in the script.

Hope this helped -
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jhouse 2744 days ago
I love this theme, but is anyone else getting the error message when you double click on the .glet: "The document “harddrives.glet” could not be opened. GeekTool cannot open files of this type." ?

I've searched for a solution, and someone said to open it with "Geektools Helper".... but that doesn't appear on my applications list.

I'm running 3.0.3 and OS X 10.7. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA
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gradientShift 2744 days ago
Not sure why you're having this problem. I just tried downloading it and no error messages occurred. The original glet can be found at the link below if you want to try that out.

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jhouse 2744 days ago
Thanks for the advice. Not sure why, but no .glet was working. I uninstalled Geektools and then reinstalled. I was able to have the selection Open with "GeekTools Helper", and that worked.

Great design work btw. Very cool.
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mknot 2738 days ago
how do i make the clock into an 24h clock instead of a 12h clock?

great design otherwise i have been using your son of man theme til now, and i have never had a better screen, but hoping for one now
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gradientShift 2737 days ago
Thanks for that. It's always great to hear others using your work.

The Son of Man theme was just getting boring to me plus I didn't really utilize my secondary screen.

Anyways to get the clock to display the way you want, use this code.

date "+%H:%M"
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SlugBlanket 2734 days ago
Definitely deserves the praise but then I'm biased since you made use of my LED geeklets :)

For easy and precise placement of your geeklets, try using the co-ordinate (Position) features of geektool. The first field gives you the horizontal position and the second field gives you the vertical position. When placing concentric circular objects (one on top of another of different size) you just have to make sure your geeklet sizes are uniform e.g 20x20, 30x30 and then the maths is easy. I gave a similar tip to another geeklet writer some time ago on this site here: http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/productivity/mardwatch-geektool-revolution/

Keep up the good work and keep annoying the neighbours with that bass !
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titant3ch 2713 days ago
First of all Awesome theme really liking it. Quick question the font for the secondaries screen.. where can i get it.. or one similar to it..

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gradientShift 2711 days ago
The font is called "Regala" and it can be found at the link below.

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macstyler 2706 days ago
Can't seem to proper scale the psd, I always get a picture that's not sharp enough.

Can you explain how to make them in following resolutions? -> 1920 x 1200, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080?

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gradientShift 2703 days ago
The original .psd is 1920 x 1200 for the main screen. The secondary monitor is 1440 x 900.

If you're trying to make the second screen larger than it's current size than it will be pixelated.

My thought if you wanted to make the secondary bigger just increase your canvas size to the size you want and fill the empty space with black.

Hope this helped -
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Absoluteye 2694 days ago
Any ideas how to change the farenheit to celcius?

EDIT: Never mind, i found out.
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SeeEmAge 2526 days ago
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BaconTaco 2402 days ago
How do you get the black bar behind the top menu?
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gradientShift 2359 days ago
It's all in the psd file. It's just one solid image from top to bottom.
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williams1228 2298 days ago
How do you keep the circles on just the first page?
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K391_foreva 2204 days ago
Did you use a theme for bowtie?
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gradientShift 1912 days ago
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roadglide03 1996 days ago
I used this as a basics for a ferrai theme, very cool
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djhiggo 1958 days ago
Hi mate, awesome work by the way. I really like the mouse percentage bar and was wondering if there is any way that I could say that to show my hard drive space, cpu usage or ram usage? etc.
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gradientShift 1912 days ago
Thank you,

I'm sure there are other geeklets here that will get you what you want, I'm not sure though.

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