Date and Time collection

Posted in Collections by matt 3645 days ago

This collection of Geeklets give you the day of the week, the date, and the time with a stylish setup.

Date: date +%d Month: date +%B Day: date +%A Time: date +"%I:%M" AM/PM: date +"%p" Font: Helvetica Neue Colour: Black Size: Various



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darrennie 3437 days ago
Something that has bugged since I started using GeekTool is in the time

there was always a 0 in front ie. 07:30 pm , after a bit of trial & error I discovered it should be

date + "%l:%M" which is lower case L not upper case i.

Lower case L gives the 7:30, upper case i gives the 07:30pm probably a typo from back awhile (as in some fonts they look almost identical).

Anyhow for those that want or care, now you ALL can sleep well. 8D
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craggyal 3108 days ago
hi, how could you modify this to add 6 six hours to create a second time zone. i have tried but don't know enough to modify it. i am already running one on my desktop but want to run a second in a different time zone.
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bobbytomorow 3404 days ago
some of the geeklet links are dead
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thatguyagain 2989 days ago
you really dont need the links :P
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matt 3378 days ago
Links should be fixed now.
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dalami81 3236 days ago
How do you change the AM/PM to lower case am/pm?
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KOSKERS 3235 days ago
Awesome Work!

May you make it for Linux?Such as ubuntu~

Thank you.
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thatguyagain 2989 days ago
Great work helped me with the time gleeklet


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