Dark Is Beautiful

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Dark Is Beautiful

A dark theme with some useful (to me) geeklets: Dark Is Beautiful


Date and Time

  • 24-hr formatted time date +%l:%M
  • meridium date +%p
  • day date +%e
  • date date +"%B %e"
  • ordinal date_ordinal.rb

This Day In History

grep $(date +%m/%d) /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history | cut -f2

Calendar (with current day highlighted)

cal | tail +2 | env GREP_COLOR="1;32" grep --color=always --context 5 --extended-regexp "(^| )$(date +%e)"

IP Addresses

Time Machine Backup

I'm using this background.

I was originally using Nocturne for the black menu bar but recently switched to MenuBarFilter.

The transparent dock is made possible with Mirage.



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the_GT_MANN_23 2280 days ago
that's beautiful, and awwwwesome man. great job
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corporate_gadfly 2278 days ago
Appreciate it.

I have added hard-disk usage meters based on http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/system-info-circular-graphics/. No new screenshots.

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ExtraAwesome 2279 days ago
How did you get yweather.pl to work? I can't figure it out. I got yweather.pl to download the images and xml file, but I'm not sure how to configure the geeklets to use this information.
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corporate_gadfly 2278 days ago
There is a weather update geeklet, which runs with the command `yweather.pl --update`.

The rest of the geeklets, then cherry pick the required information (which was already obtained via the update geeklet).

E.g., the image geeklet has URL path `file://localhost/Users/username/Documents/yweather-dir/images/weather.png`

Current temperature is obtained by `yweather.pl -ct`

Hope that helps.
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bfg67 2275 days ago
some really top tips on great apps there - thanks. desktop looks really good too, and thanks for the full collection of geeklets.

sorry for the stupid question, but how do i use the time machine in words script?!

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corporate_gadfly 2274 days ago
Thanks for the kind words.

Time machine "ago in words" geeklet is here:


It is a shell geeklet which invokes the following script (as a command):


You can find the above .sh script at:

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gustao 2264 days ago
great collection man!

But I could not make the weather script work..

What i need to do besides these steps (in the desktop shell only appears "ºC"):

- download yweather.pl and put in my Documents folder;

- edit the variable $zipcode with the zip code of my city / save;

- edit the variable $scripthome with the correct path (/Users/my-name/Documents/yweather-dir/";)/ save;

- execute the Weather Current Temp.glet and edit the command with the correct path to file - echo "$(/Users/my-name/Documents/yweather.pl -ct) °C"

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corporate_gadfly 2259 days ago
Thx for the kind words.

I don't seem to be getting any email notifications when these comments are posted here, so I just have to keep coming back and manually check for comments.

Can you verify command-line operation of yweather.pl? E.g., what is the output of:

/Users/my-name/Documents/yweather.pl --update && /Users/my-name/Documents/yweather.pl -ct

As you noticed, you need at least one update before you can ask for current temperature. In my geeklet setup, I have an empty shell geeklet which does an update.
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corporate_gadfly 2259 days ago
reply removed.

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