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A simple Desktop I set up using Geeklets I found. If you have any questions or want the Geeklets, just comment to let me know.

Most of the Geeklets were written by other people. I just put them together and made them look nice.

If you want to change the days on the Forecast Geeklet, find this part,

"Forecast:" -A 2

and change 2 to another number. Higher numbers will show later dates. The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 5.

The music widget is a bowtie theme called Unnamed.

Up-votes mean a lot to me so if you could click the button, that would be great.


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jspence77 1954 days ago
post the damn music widget and the date line thing dammit
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-cj81499- 1954 days ago
Music is a Bowtie theme called Unnamed: http://th-guenther.deviantart.com/art/Unnamed-Bowtie-Skin-251186917

Calendar Geeklet is now posted.

Also, please don't swear.
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ecma104 1954 days ago
Post the weather (forecast and right now) and also the calendar
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-cj81499- 1954 days ago
Weather and Calendar Geeklets are now posted. Remember to change your location for the weather scripts. If you don't know how, just ask and I'll explain.
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ecma104 1953 days ago
thanks you should also check out my Desktops
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-cj81499- 1953 days ago
I have! Thanks for the credit on Simple Desktop 3.2 :)
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ecma104 1952 days ago
Have you tried Nanobar Bowtie theme?
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-cj81499- 1952 days ago
I just did. I like it. Using it instead.
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jspence77 1952 days ago
wow u made it to the front page
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-cj81499- 1951 days ago
Not quite.

EDIT: I did now!
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helioskk 1893 days ago
Nice one! I'm learning how to write these scripts by looking at yours :)

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