This has taken me a few weeks time. I wanted to get all the relevant system and weather information while using elegant circular indicators. It involved creating my own arc font, understanding unix commands, writing shell scripts, apple scripts and fooling around with Gimp and Inkscape. The whole setup runs from a ramdisk (instructions are provided) to avoid problems with paths and excessive read and write access to your hdd or ssd. You can consult the included Readme.rtf to get an idea.


You can download all the 32 geeklets, scripts and instructions from https://github.com/dopi04/Circular-System-Monitor


Download "Circular-System-Monitor-master.zip" from https://github.com/dopi04/Circular-System-Monitor (Clone or download > Download ZIP). Extract it and open the folder "Circular-System-Monitor-master". Extract the Geektool.zip you'll find in the extracted folder and follow the instructions in the readme file.


  1. Disk / Ram / Battery are based on d13t’s work. http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/disk-capacity-meter/
  2. For the other arcs credits go to JimmyBollox http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/system/system-info-circular-graphics/
  3. OpenWeather: dr_selump and ejleon http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/geeklets/weather/openweathermap-geeklet-inspired-by-ejleon/
  4. Icons: JimmyBollox and http://www.gentleface.com/free_icon_set.html
  5. cachestoram.sh: nischu7 https://gist.github.com/nischu7/7194165

Geeklet files to download


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dopi04 1142 days ago
Download link:https://github.com/dopi04/Circular-System-Monitor
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tomazizio 1132 days ago
the download link (dropbox) does not work…

hope it can get fixed, as i would like to use your theme and geeklets
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dopi04 1132 days ago
I changed the download link: https://github.com/dopi04/Circular-System-Monitor
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ConnorP501 1049 days ago
Not sure why my Start.scpt isnt accepting the path. It says :

/Users/connorperkis/Other/Geektool/DiskCapacityMeter/: /Users/connorperkis/Other/Geektool/DiskCapacityMeter/: is a directory

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